Why Should Have A Destination Wedding

In times past it was only the affluent that could afford destination weddings but these days with cheap flights and weak economies across The Mediterranean this has changed providing couples with an abundance of options from picture postcard weddings on the white stoned island of Santorini to the reserved beauty of Mallorca in Spain.

There are many reasons why you should seriously consider a destination wedding and here are just a few;

1. It Is Cheaper!

It’s probably a bit of an obvious point, but it’s one that’s worth making. For anyone that sceptical as to how great the savings can just make a few calls to some of the be popular wedding venues in your area and do the same for an establishment of your choice in The Mediterranean and be amazed at the difference. Rip-off Britain is a reality, and the unfortunate thing is the astronomical costs associated with wedding venues is replicated across cakes, bands/dj’s, dresses and the rest.

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2. You Can Make It How You Want It

Some people have a clear idea at their destination of choice. Dreaming for years of their big day spent in the picturesque vineyards of France or the snow-capped peaks of The Alps. The choices are endless, and it gives couples the opportunity to make their wedding how they want it.

3. Less Stress

Many venues abroad recognise that it’s much easier to offer all in one package dealing with the organisation and coordination of the wedding rather than having the bride & groom flying out repeatedly to get things organised. This results in a wedding that is as close to stress-free as your likely to get.

Words by Steven Brooks

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