A Wedding In The Pyreness

We all know about the popularity of destination weddings. Often the cost effective option of a trip to Greece, be it Kos or Santorini, is significantly more attractive than having a wedding at home. The benefits are endless and have no doubt been discussed in depth among the wedding industry commentariat on all the favourite websites. However, there are those who see the benefits of having a destination wedding not because of the budget savings but because of an emotional attachment to the location. Maybe they visited the place on holiday as a child and have been enamoured with the area ever since. Maybe it has some historical significance that crosses over into the interests shared by the bride or groom or both. I’ve invited Rick Dell to discuss one of her favourite place in Europe and here’s what she had to say about The Pyrenees.

Monolithic in some places and undulating in others, The Pyrenees cut across the South Of France and in a way that provides a bit of hard, granite border with Spain. Rolling all the way down to The Mediterranean this mountain ranges has a staggering amount of character and a plethora of picturesque options for those that wish to get married there

The locations to consider must begin with the Basque town of Bayonne that functions as a port on The Med and is steeped in history. Other options include Pau, the capital of the hills, the religiously significant Lourdes and the historical citadel of Montseger.

The place is formidable not just in stature but also in the wealth of activities it offers the visitors that make an effort to travel there. From fishing trips to skiing ( seasonal of course) and it’s also a bit of a mecca for walkers.

It’s undoubtedly a range of verdant beauty no matter which side of the Pyrenees you are on with lush, rolling hills as far as the eye can see. Much of its character is defined by its incredible scenery and cool temperatures and crisp air. A perfect respite for those city dwellers out there. There is also the small matter of the fantastic architecture the region is blessed with, and it’s recommended that you do some research beforehand to make sure you can visit some of the sites when you get there as in peak season some have been known to sell out in advance.

As far as romantic retreats are concerned the region is blessed with some fantastic wedding venues that offer refinement and vistas that will burn into your memory and that will surely be a hit with guests.

The top three wedding venues to check out in the Pyrenees are for me, Château de Chéronne in Pays Du Loire, Chateau de Fayolle in Dordogne and Château de Brametourte.

So what are you waiting for? Get some enquiries sent out as these venues get booked up years in advance.

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