The Way to perfectly Fit your bridesmaids’ dresses

Finding the perfect wedding gown could be an enormous mission, however, believe it or not, selecting the ideal bridesmaids’ dresses to go with it could be even more challenging — after all, you need to take so much more than your tastes and body shape.

“It is almost always advisable to have already chosen your bridal dress before searching for the bridesmaid’s dresses,” Tania Roddy said, owner of Sydney’s Perfect Day Bridal that specialises in wedding gowns and bridesmaids’ dresses.

“Your dress will offer a fantastic foundation for the type of ‘party’ you want to make in your wedding celebration,” she adds.

By way of instance, when you’ve decided on a complex, Grace Kelly-inspired dress, then its general style will act as the base of your bridesmaids’ dresses that you would, probably like to match your your dress’s classic styling.

Since she first started working in bridal boutiques five decades ago, Tania has helped approximately 200 brides locate their dream wedding gown — and the ideal bridesmaids’ dresses.

“I still get goosebumps when a bride walks out and begins tearing up since she understands — and I know — that she found Her ideal wedding gown,” states Tania.

“There is something indescribably particular about being the man who assists a bride locate the dress she will walk down the aisle — and it is doubly gratifying when I get to help costume her bridesmaids and bring into life an ideal picture she sees inside her head!”

If you are sporting a traditional princess ballgown…. This fashion, typically, includes a full skirt and can be, frequently, strapless and might be adorned with a very long train.

Based on Tania, flowing, chiffon bridesmaid dresses appear amazing matched with this kind of apparel, but they can put on a large number of styles since you have chosen a significant traditional dress. Your bridesmaids might be in various colours and lengths, with or without straps.

An alternative could be for the puppy to wear a comparable princess-style but in various colours, adds Tania.

If you are wearing a formal dress
If your attire is all about contemporary elegance, your bridesmaids’ dresses ought to also be rather formal, indicates Tania.

“You might need your bridesmaids to wear dresses that are long, instead of shorts. You can look at a luxe chiffon having a gentle shimmer to it,” she states. “Lace is of course very nice for an official occasion, also. You can go down the route of satins and jerseys to maintain it even more elegant.”

An alternative for your bridesmaids would be to wear something more organised in full lace.

If You Would like to go all-white
It was that just the bride wore white, but all-white wedding parties are incredibly tasteful, says Tania. “It has a true love and elegance to it.”

To set the women apart, they can each be wearing a different coloured sash that ties in with your flowers, which would pop against their dresses, ” she adds.

If you have selected a tea-length dress
Reminiscent of style-icon Audrey Hepburn, this apparel sits mid-calf and is slightly more fun and lively than other designs, like the princess ball gown, says Tania. It is fantastic for a mid-afternoon backyard party, and it is a fantastic chance for your bridesmaids to wear something a little more fun, possibly something in a daring colour in a similar fashion gown to yours.

If you are getting married on the shore
Short dresses function best if you are getting married on the beach along with your bridesmaid’s dresses can be fun, flirty and a little flippy indicates Tania. Tons of soft, flowy chiffon functions nicely in a less formal setting also, and the women could wear beautiful light colours.

But, adds Tania, though fitting your bridesmaids’ dresses together with your dress — and the general wedding theme — is the standard, it is your wedding day along with your choice whether to stay with — or ditch — the tradition in regards to your wedding celebration’s outfits.

“Finally, you can do anything you want,” says Tania. “There are no rules, and it is all very private. One bride might want all of her bridesmaids in precisely the identical fashion gown in precisely the same colour, while the other bride might want them in distinct style dresses and various colours, also.

As perfectly said by one of our contributors Caroline White at Caroline White Photography “It depends on what makes you, as the bride, happy!”

How will you know if Have Selected the Best wedding Gown

A bride wearing a long white wedding dress.

Your wedding dress is such a significant part of your wedding day and, any previous bride will say, they might not have understood exactly which sort of wedding gown they desired, but they surely knew ‘The Dress’ when they tried it on. Here is how Zaki Charles from Zaki Charles Photography suggests we navigate this problem.

You can imagine walking down the aisle
When you fit ‘The Gown’ and look in the mirror, then you need to have the ability to visualise yourself walking down the aisle with your prospective partner. If you can envision your husband-to-be’s response, and almost hear the whispers of compliments from the guests, you understand this is the best pick for your own red carpet moment.

You want to wear it All of the time
Realistically, all of us know the dress needs to be stored for the big moment. However, you want to enjoy it enough, and you want to wear it all of the time, even right down to the stores. And should you discover yourself unzipping the garment bag today and again merely to admire its beauty, even much better.

A bride with her wedding dress on and head covered with a veil.


You can not imagine walking down the aisle with anything else
When you found that ideal wedding gown, the one having a vow wow factor, the possibility of not needing it will fill you with despair. Even if it requires adjustments, is greater than you ever wanted to invest or isn’t the style you originally envisaged, if you realise you will do ANYTHING to make sure it’s yours, you understand there is no other dress.

Nothing else could even compare
You probably tried on lots of different dresses you enjoyed a lot. Some could have had stunning materials, amazing beading or move perfectly with all the headpiece you had in mind. However, when you find the ideal match and shape, the remainder will look ever-so-slightly ordinary. Let us face it — nothing else will ever measure up for this particular dress.

You are glowing
The ideal wedding gown will make your entire face (and soul) light up … with love, with pleasure, with joy and with anticipation. You might even blush a bit. It is almost like a diversion of the excellent moment you first realised you’re genuinely and completely in love with your fiance.

Your mum/sister/friend is crying
There is an old article of wedding lore that states you will know when you have found the ideal dress as your mom will cry. And let us face it, tears of pleasure are not unheard. And not merely for Mum, but for almost any member of the inner circle, make it an aunt, a sister or a best buddy. If at least one of these gets teary when they visit you at the apparel, rest assured you’re a winner.

You do not care what anybody else believes
It is only natural to request opinions. But no one can influence your love for this. Like with your spouse, the heart wants what the heart desires.

You can explain it only in superlatives
When you have fallen in love with ‘The Dress, ” it ought to be almost impossible to explain it to others without reverting to superlatives. It ought to be the most beautiful dress you’ve ever laid eyes on and also the most fabulous creation from the all the dresses. Any great adjective you are able to conjure up.

You’ve never looked more lovely
When you place the ideal dress on, you may feel as a gorgeous princess, even when you’re a completely modern ladies. It’ll flatter your body how no other garment ever could and cause you to feel much more lovely than you ever have before. That is when you know that it’s the one.

You feel like you may cry
It is one thing, your relatives and friends may cry once they see you in the dress, but if you find yourself at the mirror and can not help bursting into tears (the fantastic type), it requires things into a complete never degree. This is the greatest sign you have found your ideal gown, and therefore don’t stop searching before you’ve got that instant. If it arrives, you will know!

7 Mistakes Brides Makes When Selecting Their Wedding Colors

Much Enjoy in interior Layout, Colour is Essential to set the ambience for the Own Wedding.

The way you use it, in which you use it and how much of every hue you opt to use can make or break the big evening (style-wise, anyhow). We sat down with Matt Gutteridge a wedding photographer based in Bristol, for school in all of the principles of choosing a fairly wedding-color palette.

1. You have to have a pair colour palette
Let us face it; you are likely going to get asked just like a thousand times exactly what your wedding colours are (it occurs to all brides). The great news is, even for those who don’t have any clue, which is fine, seriously! Since Burton points out, you do not necessarily have to have wedding colours. “You might only wish to utilise natural linens and wild blossoms” Believe bohemian, diverse trendy in its finest. This idea works especially well for woodsy weddings, backyard parties or some other outside reception.

2. Selecting colours Which Are so appropriate now, but so not you
If you are not head over heels such as coral, mint or marsala, even because of the love of all things bridal, do not pick these shades simply because they’re in style, recommends Arreguin. ” Trends come and go, according to your mother’s 80s-style, puffy sleeved wedding gown, therefore select colours you adore, not ones that you watched Pinterest or feel like to need to utilise.”

3. Choosing the colours out of the character
Even though a full-size floral wedding can be done, you could have difficulty finding any blossoms to coincide. “It is better to stay with a colour palette which includes natural colours so that your other decor and flowers do not clash with one another,” notes Burton. By way of instance, pure white blossoms will match bright decorations, whereas daring ones will only be overkill. If you’re looking for dresses to go with your colour palette we recommend Debenhams which has a range of dresses in a range of colours!

4. Picking way a lot of wedding colours
Pick too many colours along with your general wedding appearance will appear disjointed unless you are shooting for that entire area of wildflowers, boho vibe, that’s. Otherwise, Burton recommends committing to 3 colours maximum (and one metallic) to guarantee everything appears cohesive. “Use neutrals, like whites, greys and beiges, if you want to keep things more low key color-wise.”

5. Playing it way too secure
Arreguin advises brides not hesitate to try something from this box if it matches you and your fiancé’s characters. “There are several mad, yet utterly fantastic, colour combinations you may use for your wedding which will appear incredible. Some interesting ideas to try out, including cherry and emerald, coral reefs and lavender and lilac and lavender.”

6. Reminiscing classic white
When in doubt, select 50 colours of white! Burton swears it will not be dull. “Whites and creams, with possibly even traces of mild, light pink, seem fantastic in virtually every place or setting,” she states.

7. Neglecting your wedding place’s colours
As an example, if your site has rich reddish curtains, and also you can not eliminate them, performing a bright orange colour scheme will combat, warns Arreguin. “Keep shade in mind when choosing a place, and please do not attempt to cover or conceal some colourful components you do not like since it will most likely be noticeable.”

6 Things you should not share on social media when you get engaged!


You (or your BFF, or your uncle, or your coworker who is talking your ear off about pillow cuts for weeks) just got engaged! First things first: Pump the brakes on this oh-so-perfect Instagram statement. Here, six things which you need to avoid posting after your betrothed pops up the question.

We’ve asked Daniel from Daniel Charles Photography six things which you need to avoid posting after your betrothed pops up the question.

How many carats the ring is!
This also includes the price tag of the brand new rock. Come on people. We get it is the era of oversharing, but keep it elegant.

A movie of your sparkly ring
Instead of merely displaying your bling using a 45-second clip of your glittering diamond, why don’t you post the story of how it all went down? Your friends are all asking the identical question, therefore give the men and women what they need, yeah?

Announcement articles before telling close family and friends
How would you feel in case your sister got engaged, and you discovered through your FB feed? Make it a point to maintain matters hush-hush until you have had time to inform loved ones personally. Trust: This ideal caption can wait a couple of days (or at least a telephone call).

Presents and details of this service
They are known as invitations because of this. Share the vital details just with guests, lest you need your second-grade teacher commenting on Facebook about if her invitation got lost in the email. (It did not.)

A thousand hashtags in your statement article
So you would like to get showcased on [insert blossom site here]? Flooding your followers’ feeds with #bridetobe, #heputaringonit, #taken, etc. is a whole lot of work on your thumbs. Rather than that, just submit your story right to the book or blog if you are so inclined.
“Future Mrs. [add title]” in your profile
We know you are stoked (and that is entirely adorable and cute), but we’ve got a feeling this could make some individuals #unfollow. Do feel free to scribble it generously from your Lisa Frank laptop!

5 Top Tips To Remember When Organising A Destination Wedding

It is now accepted that destination wedding can be a little less stressful in comparison to an event held at home there are always going to be certain pitfalls that you need to be aware of. After all, you’re going to be 100’s, sometimes 1000’s, of miles from home and in an unfamiliar country where problems, shall they arise, will prove to be a touch trickier to sort out than they would at home. We’ve enlisted the help of Cardiff Wedding Photographer Phil Harris to share a few words on some of the things they have picked up over the years. Given that they have visited so many destination weddings it’s amazing that they have whittled the list down to 5 of the main points of which you can see below.

1. Location, Location, Location

The site of choice can either limit your options give you too many to the point where you’re a bit dizzy trying to decide. You’ve got to consider who you are, what are your interests and how will the location help you realise your idea of a dream wedding and, of course, what are the interests of your other half also. So think about your visualisation fo the perfect day, how does it look in your mind, how does it feel, what are the characteristics of the setting. It’s all important os get thinking!

2. Get A Little Creative To Save Big

As we know things like decor and food can often contribute to a creeping increase in the overall cost of a wedding but if the decor was the natural beauty of an area itself, think of a Caribbean beach or a Norwegian fjord. Equally, when it comes to food, you could get easily you enlist the help of some local chefs to prepare some fantastic and great tasting local food without spending the astronomical figures oft-associated with wedding catering.

3. Get A Professional Involved

Trying to organise a wedding overseas can certainly have its challenges. First off there is the language barrier and also having a poor understanding of local customs can easily lead to some awkward situations. With this is mind it’s probably for the best you get a wedding planner with experience of the local area, it’s traditions and is fluent in its language. I promise it will make the whole process run a lot smoother.

4. Reconnaissance Is A Necessity

I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to suggest that having a wedding in a foreign destination without first visiting the place is to be a considered a major misstep. Trying heading out the years before when the weather is going to be similar, and you have an authentic feel of what it’s going to be like once the big day comes.

4. Have Your Dress Suit The Location

Breathable wedding dresses anyone? Well if you’re going to have a wedding in a hot country then this is going to have to be a significant consideration. Just explain to the tailors when you’re having a consultation about what materials they can use to suit the destination. They will have done this before and as long as you give them enough time they should be bale to get you something that you love without making you sweat buckets.

Europe’s Best Wedding Venues

More and more people are deciding to have their weddings overseas and why not? Whether you’re after a sunshine wedding by The Med or cool, crisp experience in the verdant valleys of the Pyrenees you can e sure to have a memorable day that will live long in the memory. What’s more is that its becoming clear that these destination weddings are often much cheaper due to a myriad of factors from economic strife to good old local competition driving prices down. That said, these weddings are not without difficulty. The need to communicate in a different language and to understand the region and the areas customs can often lead to the hiring of wedding planners and reconnaissance trips out to the destination months or even years ahead of the big day.

To help we decided to highlight some of Europes finest wedding establishments. Finding the gems can be hard but with a little bit of help from our resident photographer Ann from Ann Lewis Photography in Cardiff, and we have managed to get a list. together. They have travelled extensively in Europe and have shot numerous wedding while doing so and I have assurances that they have visited each of the venues below. So here is what they had to say…

1. Finca Cortesín, Costa Del Sol

I remember being completely in love with the Costa Del Sol as a child so when I got asked to photograph a wedding there, I got a tad excited. The Finca has all the charm you would expect from property located in this Andalusian enclave and the area it situated in has all the sights and sounds you would associate with The Med. Just perfect! That’s before I get to the golf courts and multiple swimming pools. It is a stunning venue, and it deserves all the accolades it receives.

2. Hotel Castell d’Emporda, Costa Brava

Dating back to the 14th century this stunning castle has so much to offer a couple who are looking for a venue with charm and a little idiosyncrasy about it. From Caves to terraces to and lounge bars for all your guests to enjoy themselves. It comes at a high cost, but the value for money overall makes it well within reason.

3. Atzaro, Ibiza

Surrounded by tropical gardens, this beautiful Finca is a 100-year-old property that comes with a salon, a lounge bar and four swimming pools. Not a bad start eh? When the sun goes down, guests can then head to the dancefloor that has some stunning views to take in while you bust some moves. In short, this place has heaps of character and it’s no wonder it’s rated so highly.

So there are our contenders for the top wedding venues in Europe! We’re always looking to extend this list and add to it so if you have any recommendations feel free to get in touch and we would be more than happy to add them to the list!

A Wedding In The Pyreness

We all know about the popularity of destination weddings. Often the cost effective option of a trip to Greece, be it Kos or Santorini, is significantly more attractive than having a wedding at home. The benefits are endless and have no doubt been discussed in depth among the wedding industry commentariat on all the favourite websites. However, there are those who see the benefits of having a destination wedding not because of the budget savings but because of an emotional attachment to the location. Maybe they visited the place on holiday as a child and have been enamoured with the area ever since. Maybe it has some historical significance that crosses over into the interests shared by the bride or groom or both. I’ve invited Rick Dell to discuss one of her favourite place in Europe and here’s what she had to say about The Pyrenees.

Monolithic in some places and undulating in others, The Pyrenees cut across the South Of France and in a way that provides a bit of hard, granite border with Spain. Rolling all the way down to The Mediterranean this mountain ranges has a staggering amount of character and a plethora of picturesque options for those that wish to get married there

The locations to consider must begin with the Basque town of Bayonne that functions as a port on The Med and is steeped in history. Other options include Pau, the capital of the hills, the religiously significant Lourdes and the historical citadel of Montseger.

The place is formidable not just in stature but also in the wealth of activities it offers the visitors that make an effort to travel there. From fishing trips to skiing ( seasonal of course) and it’s also a bit of a mecca for walkers.

It’s undoubtedly a range of verdant beauty no matter which side of the Pyrenees you are on with lush, rolling hills as far as the eye can see. Much of its character is defined by its incredible scenery and cool temperatures and crisp air. A perfect respite for those city dwellers out there. There is also the small matter of the fantastic architecture the region is blessed with, and it’s recommended that you do some research beforehand to make sure you can visit some of the sites when you get there as in peak season some have been known to sell out in advance.

As far as romantic retreats are concerned the region is blessed with some fantastic wedding venues that offer refinement and vistas that will burn into your memory and that will surely be a hit with guests.

The top three wedding venues to check out in the Pyrenees are for me, Château de Chéronne in Pays Du Loire, Chateau de Fayolle in Dordogne and Château de Brametourte.

So what are you waiting for? Get some enquiries sent out as these venues get booked up years in advance.

5 Ideas For Your Summertime Wedding

It’s now mid-June and wedding season is already full swing. With that in mind, I’ve decided to put together a short list of ideas for your summertime wedding. So if you’ve decided to have your wedding abroad or have instead opted to have it in one of the more sun-washed corners of the British Isles, then I’m sure you’ll find something in this list that will compliment your big day.

1. One of life’s greatest pleasures has got to be enjoying a cold, sweet ice cream on a searing hot day and this is why I have made having a Gelato Bar at your summertime wedding number 1 on this list. So go one, let your guest cool off to a tasty selection of Italian sodas and Gelato.

2. Decorating the reception area in fragrant bouquets is something that I I have noticed more and more in recent years. Be it Dahlias, Roses or Lavender or even a combination of all three, the inclusion of the flowers will compliment the day perfectly.

3. Everyone loves cocktails, right? However, some cocktails are more equal than others, especially when it comes to finding the right drink to match the setting of your wedding, but the idea of sipping on a Piña Colada or a Cosmopolitan is the summer sun is currently making me very thirsty!

4. While pool parties rank fairly low on list’s of must-have wedding add on’s, I have to admit I’ve been to a few weddings recently and the pool parties worked a treat. An opportunity to cool off on a steaming hot day in the company of friends and family with a cocktail or gelato ice cream in hand just sounds delightful, so why not give your guest a treat?

Words by Simon @ Simon Withyman Photography Wedding Photographer Bristol

Why Should Have A Destination Wedding

In times past it was only the affluent that could afford destination weddings but these days with cheap flights and weak economies across The Mediterranean this has changed providing couples with an abundance of options from picture postcard weddings on the white stoned island of Santorini to the reserved beauty of Mallorca in Spain.

There are many reasons why you should seriously consider a destination wedding and here are just a few;

1. It Is Cheaper!

It’s probably a bit of an obvious point, but it’s one that’s worth making. For anyone that sceptical as to how great the savings can just make a few calls to some of the be popular wedding venues in your area and do the same for an establishment of your choice in The Mediterranean and be amazed at the difference. Rip-off Britain is a reality, and the unfortunate thing is the astronomical costs associated with wedding venues is replicated across cakes, bands/dj’s, dresses and the rest.

Prosecco Wine Brindisi Bottles Drink Aperitif

2. You Can Make It How You Want It

Some people have a clear idea at their destination of choice. Dreaming for years of their big day spent in the picturesque vineyards of France or the snow-capped peaks of The Alps. The choices are endless, and it gives couples the opportunity to make their wedding how they want it.

3. Less Stress

Many venues abroad recognise that it’s much easier to offer all in one package dealing with the organisation and coordination of the wedding rather than having the bride & groom flying out repeatedly to get things organised. This results in a wedding that is as close to stress-free as your likely to get.

Words by Steven Brooks

4 Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Theme


Trying to pick a theme for your wedding? Some coherent concepts or ideas can illustrate who you are as well as the essence of your relationship. I didn’t look for Google advice on these matters I just dove right in so here are the five things I recommend.

The best advice I missed on was to sit down and write down key aspects that define you and words. After I had been thinking of our couple personality, things like travel and pics.

Jay and I strayed from the typical banquet hall for our reception and started with secret gardens and urban loft spaces. Our host site is a 1900’s historic home..think Downton Abbey-chic. Given the setting, a Little Mermaid themed affair could seriously cramp our houses charm. Some options were automatically due for this.

My crazy poking about on the internet, reading, and pinning habits illuminated a theme path. I noticed I had a penchant for rustic trends. I also learned that mismatched palette bridesmaids dresses were my bag! Running through other people’s wedding boards and grabbing what speaks to it is possible to help you further define your style.

Getting the family involved in wedding planning is always as a good idea and can often lead to some surprises with individual members of the family providing to be much more creative than you could ever have imagined. From your abundance of awesomeness that’s her home decor, my mom and I pulled centrepiece concepts over holiday break. Think about family members who have a gilded interior touch materials/objects you can borrow to generate your venue look smashing.

We are about to finalise our antique themed reception, although we’re narrowing down the touches. (Whew! Another item crossed off). What’re your fave trends or styles for weddings? Any tips I should know still?!

Words By Warren @ Howelljones Photography

7 Wedding Design Hacks You Should Understand

1. Space’s seats are dated, plus they don’t match with the fashion or my colour scheme.

The Style Hack: That is a simple repair: Let ones that complement your wedding design or colours, like pastoral wood seats or timeless Chiavari chairs. “We want to integrate peculiarity sofa furniture and wonderful classic pieces,” Tien says. If budget is the concern, choose several pieces that can have maximum effect, like a queen and king chair for the sweetheart table. “A few correctly placed things can make an enormous visual impact,” Tien includes.

2. The ballroom carpeting is completely intolerable and patterned.

The Style Hack: Roll in a few new carpeting, in case your financial plan permits and entirely cover the rug. Not in the cards? Keep your guests. “Once you put down the group stage, the dance floor and a dozen tables, you have covered plenty of that carpeting,” Keegan says. So bring on your guests’ eyes across the area, like hanging a large flowery setup or marketplace lights.

3. The site is open and big, and you also would like an intimate feeling.

The Style Hack: Space is a bonus, but an enormous room with high ceilings can present a challenge in the event you are after. “Creating spaces within spaces and points of interest throughout will help keep the guests’ eyes front and centre,” Zaroff says. Hang centrepieces that are low —only within the table— to bring down their gaze also to generate a romantic feel. Use flooring, furniture and cloth draping to define spaces through the entire site. Design vignettes are likely to allow it to feel much more cozy and smaller —and showcase your wedding design.

4. The walls would be the worst—awful wallpaper and sconces that are medieval!

The Style Hack: You can change the focus while you can not just redecorate. “I like to transform a space in what I call ‘moving background’—we use projectors and add moving pictures to the walls,” Worley says. This trick also doubles as a light attribute, giving an original look to space. Stick to the light that hides the layout if a dozen projectors are not in your budget. Gobos and uplighting can transform a space immediately—even old background can vanish amid a soft, vibrant glow.

5. The drapes are patterned, as well as the site won’t take down them.

The Style Hack: “Purchase yards of straightforward cloth and pin them over the offending drapes,” Lee says. It’s a quick fix—no stitching needed—and it might transform the site. Infinite budget? Drape the entire space! Organise your material selections working in a feel or pattern that is little to maintain things interesting and new.

6. The colours of the space clash with my wedding colours.

The Style Hack: “Do not fight the layout defect—adopt it,” Hotchkiss says. “In the event, the carpeting is a green zigzag, yank that shade to the napkins or the seat cushions.” Not for you? Attempt covering the floor having a sisal carpet or draping the walls with a cloth. In the event, you have selected a palette having an impartial or a metallic, make that colour more notable in the décor and save the bolder colour for details like trademark nip or your invitations.

7. The space isn’t large enough for two different setups.

The Style Hack: Fret not! Only “reverse” space. The blossoms can be used by you on the service aisle for reception centrepieces, as well as your rental seats can serve double duty also. But variable in extras. “We constantly keep backup draping available,” Manuel says. Draping can conceal things which can be not simple to go, like a 12-piece group. You may also put it to frame the service or cover tables.

Content provided by Wedding Photographer Geoff Love Photography